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We have all been told, “Don’t dwell on the past.” That’s actually not the best advice, and here’s why…

We are constantly pressured, bombarded, and told to “be here now” and to live in the present. What if visiting the past is the key that would unlock our potential to be present?

Some of us are stuck in the past and don’t know how to get out of it. Some of us don’t even realize how much the past is affecting our present and future.

In “Look Back to Move Forward”, you will be guided and held to visit your past in a safe and facilitated way. You will excavate exactly what you are holding onto you from the past that is keeping you from being who you are now.

Choose to go on this COMPLIMENTARY journey and you will:

Hi, I’m Monica Jayne

I’m the original Trailblazer of Unabashed Badassery™ shattering subscriptions to social norms and paving a pathway to conscious, authentic adulting and a brave new world of radical self-responsibility and radical self-expression.

Dare To Be Unabashedly You™ is my slogan and the undeniable outcome you achieve being in my influence. I have studied directly with vulnerability expert Brene Brown, mindset expert Dr. Joe Dispenza, relationship and polarity expert Alison Armstrong, sex expert Jaiya, gender and sexual orientation expert Terra Anderson. I’m a certified yoga teacher with over 5000 hours of experience, a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, a certified Accelerated Evolution™ Coach, certified in Queer Competency and Authentic Relating, and have certification in Sexological Bodywork forthcoming. 

I am the creator of Authentic Evolution™ and the founder of They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE, an all-inclusive community space for conscious, authentic adulting and play, where we learn all the life skills we were never taught and unlearn all the beliefs and behavior patterns that no longer serve us! I have guided and supported 1000s of adults across 6 continents and 45 countries to become their truest self. Thank you for allowing me to guide and support you too!

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