They Didn’t Teach Me That PLAYHOUSE

It’s time you learned what you were never taught. And had lots of fun doing it!

They Didn’t Teach Me That PLAYHOUSE

It’s time you learned what you were never taught. And had lots of fun doing it!

What is They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE?

A dynamic, fun, spontaneous, joy-filled space for conscious, authentic adulting and play. We are not all serious pants, yet we hold, nurture, and heal all the heavy stuff of life too – your shadows and shit are welcome here.


You’ve done a lot to be the best person you can be.

You’ve read books and listened to podcasts on communication, relationships, polarity, sexuality, gender roles and norms, vulnerability, and authenticity. You ache to live what you know is possible but you’re just not quite getting there.

It’s been weeks, months, years since you started down this path and you’re wondering if you’ll ever be and behave the way you desire, have the relationships you want, be the person you know you are capable of being.

I believe you can…

You’re here now because you see others happy and fulfilled, living life authentically unabashed, knowing their “yes” and “no”, unapologetically speaking up for what they want, and overcoming shame and repression in sexuality and self-expression, liberated, true, authentic, vulnerable, free, and happy!

You want all of this for yourself. You try. And it just doesn’t happen for you as consistently as you desire.


YOU WANT Conscious Authentic Adulting that’s FUN and Life-Giving

You are tired of being tied down by all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” you’ve been taught throughout life. You are ready to excavate your authentic truth and be freed from the crap you took on from a messed-up, closed-minded society and culture, from a strict religious upbringing, or your family.

Shame and repression are no longer invited into your life but you are not clear on how to shed them once and for all.

You notice yourself exhibiting emotional responses and behavioral patterns that debilitate you from living your life fully. Ack! Maybe you even see yourself behaving like your parents in all the ways you said you never would. You try to be vulnerable but end up shut down or retracted.

You want:

Hi, I’m Monica Jayne

Founder of Authentic Evolution™ and They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE

I get it. I grew up in a dysfunctional household of a drug and alcohol addicted father in a cow pasture in Wyoming raised Catholic just outside of Utah in a community and culture of Mormons.

This community was repressive, closed-minded, and conforming. We conformed to gender norms and societal norms. And if you didn’t, you got the shit kicked out of you. This was conservative cowboy country.

Inside the home, there was terror, insecure and avoidant attachment, co-dependence, emotional manipulation, domineering conflict resolution, no emotional intelligence, combative and passive-aggressive communication, blaming, shaming, guilting, no personal responsibility for actions or ways of being.

And, oddly enough, there was so much love and cuddles. This really confused me and showed me a shitty perspective of what emotional expression, relating, and communication are supposed to look like in love and relationships.

Oh and regarding sexuality…

If a couple started making out on the tv screen, my mom would cover my eyes with her hand, and if it got too noisy, she would push my head into her lap covering one ear with her thigh and my other ear with her hand. Once it was “safe” she would let me sit up and see and hear again.

This taught me that turn-on and arousal is bad and once it starts, you need to stop it immediately. This made my body anorgasmic – an inability to experience orgasm. This coupled with learning to be completely cut off from my feelings and emotions was a recipe for inauthentic, disconnected, unfulfilling adulting. And, this is a place I find most of my clients are in – albeit we had different childhoods and upbringing, this is a common place we all arrive at. Unfortunately.

We don’t have to stay there!!! We can make a choice...

Through my own seeking and self-development, I’ve learned that arousal is the compass that lights the path to that which lights you up. Turn-on isn’t just sexual – you are turned-on by a good song, great food, a beautiful sunset, an intellectual conversation.

By being disconnected to my turn-on, I was no longer in touch with my “yes” or “no”. I could no longer hear what was true for me, I couldn’t hear my emotions. So I lived what I call a robot life doing all the things I thought everyone thought I should – got good grades, college, corporate america, american dream home, new car, pursued marriage, etc.

It was in my early 30’s when I finally woke up! And no matter what age you are - you can wake up now too! I’ve worked with ages 20-90 and all my clients wake up!

I realized that because I was disconnected from my own voice, I was disconnected from my authenticity. I began excavating whose beliefs I was living out and dismissing all that wasn’t mine from my life.

After spending over $200,000 on all the books, retreats, programs, and opportunities to “be who you are”, I formulated my own framework Authentic Evolution™ and my own space They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE to give people what I received for hundreds of thousands of dollars over 20 years of deep internal work and evolution into who I was born to be in this lifetime.

I want you to be who you were born to be too!

Four of the most important aspects of what I’ll offer you in the PLAYHOUSE are:

Real-life embodiment and living

I don’t do concept and theory. I’m all about the practical application and transformation. If it can’t be applied to make your life better now, today, I’m not interested in taking your time to share it here.

Normalizing Taboo Topics

We create safer spaces where you feel allowed to talk about things like sexuality, eroticism, turn-on, and arousal. You are not alone in isolation and secrecy. You are not broken, there’s nothing to fix. This PLAYGROUND gives you the acknowledgement and acceptance you’ve been missing.

Connecting all the dots

Realize all the investments you’ve ever made in self-development by integrating everything here. One of the main reflections I receive is that I have this uncanny ability to connect all the dots of the self-development stuff you’ve learned. People say, “Working with Monica Jayne, I realize all the investments in self-development I’ve ever made. What she teaches, embodies, and exemplifies is all the topics and suddenly I do too!”

Community and connection

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to do it all alone – hiding behind books and in 3-hour workshops (I see you!), where everything is great in that moment then you leave and there is no accountability or connection – and got into community, conversation, and connection that I really catapulted my self-development journey and started seeing consistent transformation.

They Didn’t Teach Me That PLAYHOUSE is a tight-knit, safer-space container of connection, community agreements, authenticity, and vulnerability fit for the gestation and re-birth of all of who you are. Everything you’ve ever done or studied will be put to practical life-skills development and allow for you to be born into the life you’ve always dreamed of and known is possible for you.

It’s time for YOU to come out and play!

Introducing They Didn’t Teach Me That PLAYHOUSE

It’s time you learned what you were never taught. And had lots of fun doing it!

A membership in an all-inclusive community space for conscious, authentic adulting that’s not all serious pants yet offers profound evolution, embodiment, and integration for your True You.

You will:

Basically this is where you say “bye-bye” to all that holds you back from being who you truly are. And, not only learn but also integrate, embody, and live out all the life-skills that they should teach in school but don’t for authentically adulting in a way that is true for unique lil’ ol’ you!

There is a balance of great reverence and great joy here in the PLAYHOUSE. Evolving into the “best version of yourself” doesn’t have to be so damn serious!

Join the PLAYHOUSE to:

Outcomes you’ll embody:

Authentic Evolution™

Let go of everything that isn’t you – the beliefs, behaviors, patterns – excavate your truth in all areas of your life, and evolve into your authentic you

Next-Level Consent and Boundaries

Stop people pleasing, stop pushing everyone away, no more being a doormat, no more overbearing armor

Immaculate Communication

Stand up for yourself and speak up in ways… Speak up in ways that people still like you, share your heart fully, attune to others’ energies, all without losing yourself or giving your power away

Emotional Intelligence and Maturity

Feel your feelings, have the capacity to hold yourself and give them space, recognize the meaning you make and stories you tell yourself

Confident Authenticity and Vulnerability

Be truly authentic in your authenticity and vulnerability, no more vulnerability for show, no more trying, just being, being you

Gender Freedom

Untangle gender norms and roles from your identity and be uniquely you absent those antiquated expectations

Evolutionary Sexuality

Feel grounded and confident in your eroticism, self-pleasure, intimacy, sex act, skill, sexual orientation, and catapult your sexuality into an unprecidented level of evolved intimacy and sex

Conscious Relating

So many relationships occur by default, platonic and intimate, wake up to consciousness in all of your relationships

Authentic Relating

Create safety in all your relationships navigating Authentic Relating for platonic, romantic, and sexual relationships, express your truth and what you desire, dissolve attachment triggers and issues, create healthy interdependence

Elevated Self, Career, Life, and Family

Think for yourself, and be true to you while honoring and thriving in all obligations and areas of your life with a variety of self-care and ways to love and put yourself first

Easeful Conflict Resolution

Use fun ways to navigate conflict, identify the stories you tell yourself that keep you disconnected and on the defense, and get your needs met even when they conflict with others’ needs

Embodied Connection

Stop dissociating, going unconscious, and escaping intimacy and receive practices to stay in your body, in the moment, in connection

Empowered Adulting

Maintain your presence and power to be the best version of you no matter what happens, experience integration and healing of all the emotional charges that keep you from your potential as a full-fledged adult

Unabashed Self-Expression

Allow yourself to be you, no matter what, in all ways, forever, period

Basically, They Didn’t Teach Me That™ is the life skills education we all deserve but were never given. I’m like the modern day Mr. Rogers for adults helping you navigate this thing called adulting so you can thrive in it authentically!

What You Get

Community and Organic Curriculum

Most programs and memberships have regimented scheduling, curricula, and shoulds. Not TDTMT PLAYHOUSE! We do it differently full of wonder, joy, excitement, and spontaneity outside of the “shoulds”. We flow and create from inspiration and what’s up for you – your needs, interests, and current life events. Enjoy this freedom and flow!

Interactive Experiences for All Learning Styles

Live, interactive classes and activity sessions such as Authentic Relating Games, yoga, embodied movement, erotic embodiment, writing and journaling, drawing, verbally-guided transformative experiences to dissolve inner conflict, emotional knots and stored trauma for effortless peak existence, sensation safaris, and more. Let’s play!

Unlimited Access

There will be multiple functions throughout the month. From 5 minutes and up. Attend all pop-ups, lives, events, and playshops live or access recorded content at any time during your membership. Some weeks there will be lots of interactions and content. Other weeks will be more tame. Come and go as you please. You decide what you will get out of it. Expand with all these evolving possibilities!

Plus These Useful Bonuses Packed with Practical Life Lessons You Were Never Taught

Authentic Evolution™

To evolve authentically, is to evolve on your own terms. Anything less is just survival.

This full course ($397 value) is the foundation of all we do in TDTMT. You will use this tool many times to clear out everything that isn’t truly you and to step more fully into the freedom of conscious, authentic adulting!

Creating Safety in Relationships

Unspoken expectations are silent lethal weapons in relationships. When we carry them consciously or unconsciously we are armed for never-ending disappointment.

In this video, you will learn how to de-armor expectations and communicate to get your needs met.

Power Dynamics 101

Power dynamics are at play everywhere in life. This is when one person believes they are lesser than another and the other believes they are greater. This causes us to forget who we truly are and lose ourselves and give our power away. This can also lead to gaslighting.

Watch this overview to learn how to recognize when power dynamics are at play and how to prevent and resolve them.

Needs, Boundaries, and Consent

Needs, boundaries, and consent are all buzzwords today. That does not discount their significance! 

When you have a deep understanding of each of these and what they mean for you and how to hear what they mean for others, you create wonderful communication and relationships. 

This video will empower you in sharing your needs, boundaries, and consent.


Take action and create the you you know you can be!

I’ll Dip My Toe.

$ 97 monthly

  • Month-to-month membership

In It to Win It!

$ 497 one-time payment

  • Enroll in 6 months up-front and save!

Heyo! I’m a VIP.

$ 4,997 one-time payment
~payment plan available~
  • Includes 6 months membership in TDTMT™ and 6 private coaching sessions

What people are saying…

Success Stories & Results Participants Are Experiencing


February 2021. In the meantime, we will be sending you lots of goodies to prepare for this amazing journey!

Whatever you want it to be! Of course, you get what you put in. I’d count on giving at least a couple hours a month and more if you want to get more out of it. All activities and offerings are optional and many are recorded. However, when you attend live you may put yourself in a seat to receive live 1:1 coaching from Monica Jayne.

Minimal. A computer or smartphone that allows video conferencing and access to the internet. We will send you links to the online group and how to access the course content.

TDTMT membership is non-refundable. When you join, we expect you to be committed and personally responsible for what you get out of it. We believe deeply in everything we offer here, and we encourage you to be reverent in your process and membership. We will support you with amazing value and life-changing content and guidance, and it’s entirely up to you to act upon it and make the most of it for yourself, whatever that means for you.

Yikes! You used the “s” word – should. We try not to use that word around here. In fact, our desire is to remove all shoulds and live life from a place of “want to”, “get to”, “choose to” – make sense? So, you could choose to join TDTMT because you want to improve your life and you are sick of going to multiple resources to do so. This is your one-stop-shop for multiple areas of life and adulting. This is a very thorough, practical life-skills education you won’t get anywhere else. And I’m an unabashed badass who can’t wait to welcome you into evolutionary maturity, sexuality, authenticity, and adulting.

See the About Page and read Monica Jayne’s bio as well as the company Mission, Vision, and Core Brand Values.

You’ve got this and I’ve got your back!

Adulting can be hard. You are here, reading this, because you want to be the best version of yourself you can be. They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE is here to give you applicable, practical life skills to start living this version of you today!

Our feelings and managing our emotions can often debilitate us from being our best self. We mess up our communication, relationships, consent, boundaries, sexuality, and more. You don’t have to fall victim to feelings, the shoulds and shouldn’ts, none of this anymore.

Join us to learn how.

In the meantime, enjoy this song by Mr. Fred Rogers.

What do you do with the mad that you feel? (song)

“What do you do with the mad that you feel
When you feel so mad you could bite?
When the whole wide world seems oh, so wrong…
And nothing you do seems very right?

What do you do? Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a game of tag?
Or see how fast you go?

It’s great to be able to stop
When you’ve planned a thing that’s wrong,
And be able to do something else instead
And think this song:

I can stop when I want to
Can stop when I wish
I can stop, stop, stop any time.
And what a good feeling to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine.
Know that there’s something deep inside
That helps us become what we can…”

Truncated to eliminate binary, non-inclusive language. | Written by Fred Rogers | © 1968 Fred M. Rogers

They Didn’t Teach Me That PLAYHOUSE membership is here to support you in growing your emotional intelligence, ability to be who you want to be no matter the context of a situation, and so much more. Create conscious, authentic adulting for yourself once and for all - Join us!


Take action and create the you you know you can be!

I’ll Dip My Toe.

$ 97 monthly

  • Month-to-month membership

In It to Win It!

$ 497 one-time payment

  • Enroll in 6 months up-front and save!

Heyo! I’m a VIP.

$ 4,997 one-time payment
~payment plan available~
  • Includes 6 months membership in TDTMT™ and 6 private coaching sessions