Evolve Authentically

It’s time to live life on YOUR terms.

Evolve Authentically

It’s time you started living life on YOUR terms.

Your life is not meant for surviving, it’s meant for thriving!

To evolve authentically, is to evolve on Your Own Terms. Anything less is just survival.

We are all given prescriptions for who and how to be, what to do and how to act, what to say and what not to say, what to wear/not wear, etc. All. Damn. Day. Every. Day. Ugh!

We are given these prescriptions by Society, Culture, Family, and Religion, which represents SCRF, which I pronounce as “scarf”. The scarf that tries to strangle your uniqueness, your authentic expression, your truth out of you. It’s the scarf that tries to get you to conform and fit in. The scarf that restrains you and shames you when you try to break free. SCRF indoctrinates us into “norms” and expectations that for the most part, do NOT fit us right.


We are told to be the best at everything, what we need to do to be perfect, how to behave fit in, and conform to avoid rejection. 

We are not given the time and space to think for ourselves, to discover what we truly believe. We are not purely encouraged to discover for ourselves at all.

Authentic Evolution™ gives you exactly that.

I will walk you through a clear step-by-step process to identify what you were prescribed by SCRF and what you still subscribe to, to see how these subscriptions are holding you back, redraft your subscriptions to match your current-day truth and authentic expression, to actually embody and live your own permission to be you and to be loved just the way you are, and to identify action steps to practically embody these new truths starting TODAY.

The first step is Look Back to Move Forward™… the other 6 steps are ready for you here immediately in Authentic Evolution. Are you ready to completely overhaul your beingness and Self-expression on your terms, in Your Full Truth?

Upleveled My Communication Skills

From Invisible to Respected in Relationships

Before Authentic Evolution, Danielle didn’t communicate clearly or set boundaries. This meant she didn’t say anything if she felt disrespected. Over the 6 months after taking Authentic Evolution all her relationships have transformed. She now sets boundaries and communicates clearly.

-Danielle Gann-Lind | Resource Management & Logistics | Nevada, USA

Uncovered a Money Block and My Masculinity

From Questioning Worth To Knowing It

Before Authentic Evolution, Matt was comparing his masculinity and worth to the amount of toys and wealth he acquired. By going through Authentic Evolution he uncovered the unconscious blocks around wealth and masculinity that were keeping him from realizing his true worth. Now he is empowered, “I can now assume my own truth when it comes to money, wealth, and power.”

-Dr. Matt Helm | Licensed Professional Counselor | Michigan, USA

When you choose Authentic Evolution you will -

🦄 Gain clarity on why and when you’ve felt lost in life

🦄  Identify what influenced you to disconnect from your truth and let go of these influences’ power over you once and for all

🦄 Find out where you disowned your authentic expression

🦄 Relinquish any doubt about which influences overtook your authenticity so they never do again

🦄 Know how to hear and listen to your OWN voice and how to decipher what you truly want

🦄 Feel confident with a clear action plan unique to your needs and your truth so you can move forward into your life creating beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes you truly desire

You will be more YOU!

Folx who have claimed their Authentic Evolution say...

To amplify your Authentic Evolution, you’ll also get these bonuses...

Levels of “No”

Being able to say “No” is paramount to living authentically. 

In this video bonus, you will learn what the Levels of No look like. You will be given an exercise to practice speaking up. 

You will feel empowered to listen to and exercise your authentic “No” starting TODAY!

Owning Your Desire / De-Shameification

We are taught to repress our turn-on, to hide our arousal. We are told it is not acceptable! 

Turn-on is your birthright. It is the compass that lights the path to what lights you up and makes life worth living. It is not just sexual – you can be turned on by the sunset, flowers, a meal. 

Turn-on is acceptable. It is what you do with it that matters. This video will support you to own your truth, your authentic “yes” and “no” starting NOW!