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Unabashed Speaking

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That’s perfect! Beaming brightly like a beacon of truth from the stage is where I’m at my best. No stage fright for this unabashed badass!

After I’ve been on stage audience members consistently say things like:

If you have an audience of humans who desire to live an authentic life, communicate well, know their truths and express them freely with confidence, or be the best person they can be, I entertain and educate your audience about topics* like:


1. Why Looking Back Helps You to Move Forward

Society, religion, culture, and family tell us how we should be, what we should not say, how we should act, what we should not do… It shapes who we allow ourselves to be. What if we looked back and realized who we truly are and where we’ve given ourselves away.

2. Three Communication Tools that Will Change Your Life

Easy, applicable communication tools to help you resolve conflicts, speak up for what you want and allow space for others to do the same, and to enjoy communicating even when it feels difficult.

3. Boundaries, Consent, and the Levels of No

Consent is a hot topic these days. There are so many nuances and details to consent. One of the most important ones is the word “no”, how it is spoken, and how it is heard.

4. Creating Safety In Relationships

Expectations are a silent lethal weapon in relationships. When we carry them consciously or unconsciously we are armed for never-ending disappointment and heartache. Let’s talk about how to disarm them and create safety in your relationships.

5. Practical Sex Education for Pleasure (not Reproduction)

This is THE most practical and useful sex education for any sexually active human. In this introduciton to the Erotic Blueprints™ we will demystify all complications, communication issues, and compatibility problems in sex and intimacy.

6. Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation

It is paramount that we understand each of these components of the human experience, the unique individual identities and expressions of each, and that we stop conflating these terms, which robs people of their identities and inclusion.

*Subject-matter can range greatly as Monica Jayne’s areas of expertise are diverse.

What people are saying about Monica Jayne’s speaking and facilitation…

Great Space-Holding

Mallory King | Embodiment Practitioner | Nevada, USA

Monica Jayne holds a great container and that is grounded. She presents Agreements that open everyone to share even in the uncomfortable moments and it is beautiful.

Fun Facilitation Creates Openness

Chris Ball | Private Instructor | California, USA

Participants open up because Monica Jayne is a super fun facilitator. The events she holds are super comfortable.

Speaking Availability

Monica Jayne inspires from the moment she walks in the room, onto the stage, speaks into the mic.

Her presence is powerful and her communication style direct, relatable, clear, and engaging. She is an incredibly entertaining, authentic, and dynamic speaker. No matter the audience or venue, she will attune beautifully and her audience will feel safe and comfortable even with sensitive subjects like relationships, sex, and intimacy.

Your audience will connect with Monica Jayne immediately as she uses humor, pacing, tonality, gestures, and story intelligently to amplify the experience. Whether she is leading a lecture, a seminar, a workshop, or emceeing, she has connected, engaged, and inspired 1000s of audience members globally!

Finally, a wise, engaging, pee-your-pants-laughing, too-enthralled-to-look-at-your-phone speaker that offers incredible value to your audience!

Monica Jayne is available for hire for guest-speaking engagements, media appearances and interviews, emceeing, practical sex and life-skills education, workshop facilitation, retreats, private and group coaching, in all realms from personal to professional to academic arenas.

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Podcast Appearances

Shameless Sex Podcast Episode #162

What Do You Want and How Do You Ask For It

How can we discover our own needs and desires and then lovingly speak up for them with lovers/partners? Interview starts at 13:45.

May I Have This Dance Podcast Season 2, Episode 1

Unabashed Badassery with Monica Jayne

Monica Jayne speaks to the importance of really knowing ourselves. There is nothing to fix. Nothing to change. Rather, if we give ourselves permission to live fully and explore the full version of ourselves, we create a safer world for everyone.

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What people are saying about Monica Jayne’s podcast appearances...

Virtual Appearances

Conscious Dating

An Interview with Alejandra Nicolazzo, Intimacy & Sexuality Guide and Relationship Expert

We did into the nuances of dating consciously.

Sexual Shame from the USA to the UK

An Interview with Vivien Burke, Life, Sex & Intimacy Coach

We compare and contrast how sexual shame plays out across these two cultures.

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