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You Deserve to be You

No matter where you are or who you are with.

You’ve come to the right place if:

You’re in the right place! I prefer variety and know there is no “one way” for all people to get what they want. So, I’m giving you four options as pathways to what you want for yourself. Which option will you choose? Or will you choose all four?!

Authentic Evolution

It’s time you started living life on YOUR terms.

Get all the voices out of your head and start living life on YOUR terms. Your whole life you’ve been told who to be, what to do, how to act. You’ve held on to some of this and you’ve rebelled against some. 

Who would you be if you were fully you? How would your life be different? What will it take to be 100% authentically you? 

Only you know you, and through Authentic Evolution™ you will be guided step-by-step to your own authentic answers, your own truth.

Authentic Evolution™ Success Stories

they didn't teach me that playhouse

It’s time to learn the things you were never taught.

You are tired of being tied down by all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” you’ve been taught throughout life. You are ready to excavate your authentic truth. Shame and repression are no longer invited into your life but you are not clear on how to shed them once and for all. You recognize you hold emotions and behavioral patterns that debilitate you from living your life fully.

You’re ready to feel confident and safe to be all of who you are. You committed to learn to fully step into conscious authentic adulting and play. You are ready to learn the life, communication, relationship, and intimacy skills you were never taught or were too afraid to ask about. You are ready to unlearn all the crap behaviors, emotional patterns, and habits that aren’t serving you.

School didn’t teach you. Nobody taught you. The PLAYHOUSE will!

They Didn’t Teach Me That™ Playhouse Success Stories


It’s time to transform your unfulfillment into Unabashed Badassery™.

You’ve been on this path for a while and now it’s time for deep contact and support focused on you and you alone. I get it. I’ve been a countless group programs, spent over $200K on them in 5 years, and nothing compares to what can be done in private, 1-on-1 coaching.

Private Coaching Success Stories


It’s time breakthrough to your erotic truth and potential.

The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ has transformed the lives of thousands of folx across the world – singles, couples, moresomes of all sexual orientations and genders. Learn your unique erotic language, understand how you are wired so you can give your body maximum arousal and pleasure, and renounce what is holding you back from realizing your sexual potential.

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ Success Stories

Free Video Series -


To what is keeping you from being YOU!

With the major departure from “normal” over the last year, you are feeling confident and free to finally be who you truly are! 🙌

The thing is, voices in your head loudly shout the “shoulds and shouldn’ts” prescribed to you by Society, Culture, Religion, and Family.

It’s hard to stop them.

This free video series provides you step-by-step guidance to put a stop to the “should” and uncover YOUR truth.

By signing up here you will receive complimentary support to excavate your own voice.

C’mon! 🙌 Let’s shatter all the false and limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from being authentically you.


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