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You Know There is MORE to Life

You’re running around trying to do and be all the things you were told you should…
Only to find you are unfulfilled, unhappy, tired, and wondering when life will be all you know it could be for you.

Do you ever feel like...


to What Is Keeping You From Being You

With the major departure from “normal” over the last year, you are feeling confident and free to finally be who you truly are! 🙌

The thing is, voices in your head loudly shout the “shoulds and shouldn’ts” prescribed to you by Society, Culture, Religion, and Family.

It’s hard to stop them.

This free video series provides you step-by-step guidance to put a stop to the “should” and uncover YOUR truth.

By signing up here you will receive complimentary support to excavate your own voice.

C’mon! 🙌 Let’s shatter all the false and limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from being authentically you.

You CAN have what you want...

You were taught that all this happens only in fairytales. That this list is unattainable. You were taught that you have to self-sacrifice to get what you want. You were shown you have to be a people-pleaser, to conform to be loved.

It is time to UNLEARN all of this bullshit, to step into your unique authenticity, and live life in YOUR true way of being. This is the way of Authentic Evolution™ – no more survival of the “fitting-in-est”. You decide for YOU!

Authentic Evolution

Unlock Your Truth and Authenticity

I believe the world becomes a safer place when we become safer humans within ourselves.

We are unsafe when we don’t know what we want, we don’t speak up for ourselves, we don’t have boundaries or we allow our boundaries to be crossed, we are constantly people-pleasing, and we are disconnected from our core truths and living like programmed robots acting out life as we are told we “should”.

This is how we create a safer world and lives we desire to live. 

This is why I created Authentic Evolution™ – a 7-step journey that can be completed in under an hour for you to excavate your authentic “yes” and “no”. From here you can embody and live out your authenticity and truth and create the life you truly desire.

At my core, I want everyone to be happy and the world to be safe. That’s what I’m here to create with you. Will you join me?

Hi, I’m Monica Jayne

I’m the original Trailblazer of Unabashed Badassery™. I’m a permissionary of conscious rebellion, shattering social norms and gender roles, and sexual stereotypes. I’m here to encourage you into your unique form of conscious, authentic adulting, and inspire a brave new world of radical self-responsibility, -allegiance, -sovereignty, and -expression.

I wasn’t always this way. For over 30 years I played the game of conforming, fitting in, people-pleasing to gain acceptance, tried to attain perfection, pursuing the American Dream, and completely I lost myself along the way.

Maybe you followed a path of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” prescribed to you… And you too know what it’s like to have done all the “right” things and to still feel empty.

Maybe you rebelled against EVERYTHING and still, you’re not happy.

You know there’s more to life. You know you want it. You’ve tried and tried. And you’re still not getting it…

I didn’t know what I wanted. I just knew what I “should” want. I was disconnected to my turn-on, arousal, sexuality, and eroticism. What I’ve come to know is that this disconnection was what kept me stuck. 

It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to be erotic, resurrected my turn-on, and healed shame and repression about sexuality and eroticism that I was able to stop oppressing myself, see my truth, hear and speak my own voice. From there I have paved an unabashed path of truth to a life that is authentically MINE, and I’ve supported 100s of humxns in over 45 countries across 6 continents to do the same.

I want that for you too! That is why I became a Facilitator of Authentic Relating, a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, a Certified Accelerated Evolution™ Coach and have pursued embodied education in authenticity and vulnerability studying directly with Brené Brown, in relationships with Alison Armstrong, in mindset with Joe Dispenza, in erotic embodiment with Dancing Eros and Saida Desilets, in sex and eroticism with Jaiya, in sexological bodywork with Joseph Kramer, and in LGBTQIA+ competency with Terra Lyn Anderson of Embody Emerge. All to support you to come to YOUR authentic truth.

Erotic Blueprints™ As Seen On

Let’s Play Together

Authentic Evolution™

Discover the “there’s more to life” you’ve been searching for. Shed all the crap that keeps you from being you.

They Didn’t Teach Me That™

Learn the relationship and life skills you were never taught. Get answers to the questions you were too afraid to ask. Unlearn the crappy emotional patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that are not serving you. Realize your potential. Master conscious, authentic adulting.

Customized-for-You Private Coaching

Receive high-level, direct and private support customized to your unique needs. For singles, couples, and moresomes. Transform your unfulfillment into a life of truly unapologetic and Unabashed Badassery!

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™

Overcome sexual shame and repression. Discover your erotic potential. Talk about sex in an empowered and confident way. Be an Embodied Erotic Superhero!

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~Monica Jayne

You’re almost there, I promise.

If you’re anything like I was or like most people who find me, you’ve been seeking for years.

You’ve read all the self-help books, listened to the podcasts, attended countless seminars and workshops. You’ve evolved and you may even feel pretty proud of how far you’ve come. Yet, life STILL isn’t how you wish it would be. You know there is more…

~Melissa Petterson

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