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Did you ever wish you were taught things you were never taught?

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This is a space for conscious, authentic adulting where we learn all the things we were never taught, talk about all the things we were told not to, ask all the questions we were too afraid to ask, and unlearn all the crap that’s not serving us anymore and holding us back from being who we truly are.

What you’ll learn:

Authentic Evolution™

Let go of everything that isn’t you – the beliefs, behaviors, patterns – excavate your truth in all areas of your life, and evolve into your authentic you

Next-Level Consent and Boundaries

Stop people pleasing, stop pushing everyone away, no more being a doormat, no more overbearing armor

Immaculate Communication

Stand up for yourself and speak up in ways… Speak up in ways that people still like you, share your heart fully, attune to others’ energies, all without losing yourself or giving your power away

Emotional Intelligence and Maturity

Feel your feelings, have the capacity to hold yourself and give them space, recognize the meaning you make and stories you tell yourself

Confident Authenticity and Vulnerability

Be truly authentic in your authenticity and vulnerability, no more vulnerability for show, no more trying, just being, being you

Gender Freedom

Untangle gender norms and roles from your identity and be uniquely you absent those antiquated expectations

Evolutionary Sexuality

Feel grounded and confident in your eroticism, self-pleasure, intimacy, sex act, skill, sexual orientation, and catapult your sexuality into an unprecidented level of evolved intimacy and sex

Conscious Relating

So many relationships occur by default, platonic and intimate, wake up to consciousness in all of your relationships

Authentic Relating

Create safety in all your relationships navigating Authentic Relating for platonic, romantic, and sexual relationships, express your truth and what you desire, dissolve attachment triggers and issues, create healthy interdependence

Elevated Self, Career, Life, and Family

Think for yourself, and be true to you while honoring and thriving in all obligations and areas of your life with a variety of self-care and ways to love and put yourself first

Easeful Conflict Resolution

Use fun ways to navigate conflict, identify the stories you tell yourself that keep you disconnected and on the defense, and get your needs met even when they conflict with others’ needs

Embodied Connection

Stop dissociating, going unconscious, and escaping intimacy and receive practices to stay in your body, in the moment, in connection

Empowered Adulting

Maintain your presence and power to be the best version of you no matter what happens, experience integration and healing of all the emotional charges that keep you from your potential as a full-fledged adult

Unabashed Self-Expression

Allow yourself to be you, no matter what, in all ways, forever, period

They Didn’t Teach Me That Playhouse Success Stories…

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Creating Safety in Relationships

Unspoken expectations are silent lethal weapons in relationships. When we carry them consciously or unconsciously we are armed for never-ending disappointment. 

In this video, you will learn how to disarm  expectations and communicate to get your needs met.

Levels of “No”

Being able to say “No” is paramount to living authentically. 

In this video bonus, you will learn what the Levels of No look like. You will be given an exercise to practice speaking up. You will feel empowered to listen to and exercise your authentic “No” starting TODAY!