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Hi, I’m Monica Jayne.

Wow! What a ride this life has been. Where does one start when they go to introduce themselves to the big, wide world?!

Hi. I’m Monica Jayne. I’m a stand for unabashed self-expression and creating safer spaces that give permission for you to normalize the taboo, forbidden, and stigmatized topics that you’ve been told to keep secret and shamed for even being curious about… 

My invitation to the world is 


Deep down, all I want is for everyone in the world to be happy – it’s my most innocent desire. The little one within me believes that if everyone were happy, the world would be a much safer place.

I believe that we are unhappy when: 

  • We aren’t living a life that is congruent and authentic to who we truly are.
  • We repress parts of ourselves judging, criticizing, and casting them away based on the perceptions and prescriptions of what is “good/bad/right/wrong” according to society, culture, religion, and family.
  • We base what we want and who we are off of what we are told we should and shouldn’t want, be, do, have, desire, etc.

I believe that Society, Culture, Religion, and Family or as I refer to it “SCRF™” – pronounced “scarf” – prescribe all kinds of “norms”, “shoulds”, and “shouldn’ts”, which become our list of what’s acceptable and what is to be judged and rejected. 

These prescriptions are what knits the SCRF that strangles us.

As we grow up, we subscribe to these norms as “good” and “worthy” and mandatory to survive, be accepted, fit in. 

In adulthood, we are validated and valued for being “normal” and subscribing to all the shoulds of SCRF. 

Because it keeps us “safe” and accepted, we are under the illusion that this SCRF is warm and protective and cozy and nice… 

Until one day, we realize the SCRF is strangling the life, the vitality, the uniqueness, the “abnormalities”, the authenticity, the truth, the life-force from our expression, our skin, our bones, our hearts, our souls…

This is the moment… 

The reckoning…

The “point of no return” that some of us adults are lucky enough to come to albeit what could be the most tumultuous moments of our lives…

These are the moments when we realize all we ever “knew” is false, built on constructs and systems meant to oppress our very nature, keep our existence in little boxes, to keep us “behaving”, under control, confined, impotent, and to turn us into robots that feed the machine of “normalcy”.

These are the moments when we realize, 

“There is something MORE to life.”

Sometimes, in these moments we decide to pursue the “something more” and other times we end up putting the SCRF right back on, returning to what we know, retreating back into the false sense of “safety” and “belonging” that subscribing to SCRF (Societal, Cultural, Religious, and Familial) “norms” seem to give us.

If I could have it all my way, we would do away with the words “norm” and “normal” and use phrasing that describes the reality of what is meant when those terms are used – “what is expected based on something that was decided one day is the way something should be”. In short, norms and normal are “expectations” NOT authenticity, not reality.

The sense of safety and belonging that we get from behaving as per the prescriptions of SCRF are false. 

The safety is false because wearing SCRF on the daily creates unhappy people. Unhappy people are unsafe people. 

The belonging is false because it is a belonging to SCRF, that which is outside of yourself, that which is not necessarily true and authentic to you. Who would you rather belong to – SCRF or YOU?! 

Belonging to which one, you or SCRF, would ultimately make you a happier and safer person? 

So back to being happy and safe…

I believe the world is unsafe because of the unhappiness that is created by the fact that the majority of folx are living life wearing SCRF. People are unconsciously roboting through life subscribing to the norms and it is making them miserable. 

Miserable, unhappy people are unsafe people.

Symptoms of being under the control or influence of SCRF include being judgemental, short-tempered, passive-aggressive, emotionally unintelligent, critical, “better-than”, miserable, resentful, unfulfilled, unhappy, jealous, envious, unkind, harsh…

Do you ever experience any of these? If so, you likely have a SCRF around your neck that you’re unaware of.

With most people living under the indoctrination and rules of SCRF, these symptoms are the energies that permeate the world and our experiences of self and of each other. 

These symptoms can be strong or more tame, overt or covert, quiet or loud, stealthy or obvious. None-the-less, these symptoms wouldn’t be around if we would all come to the moment of reckoning and realize that we are under the influence of SCRF and…

Awareness is step one.

Living out this new awareness, embodying it, doing something about it looks like 

  1. Become aware of all you carry that isn’t yours – the beliefs, behaviors, emotional patterns from SCRF
  2. Make a conscious choice if you want to continue subscribing to these
  3. Live out your choices

This, my loves, is called


Unabashed Badassery™ is knowing who you are, freeing yourself from all you are not, wielding your truth and authenticity, and expressing it freely with grounded confidence, unapologetically.

So, here I am, Monica Jayne, the original Trailblazer of Unabashed Badassery™, and I’m here to help you become aware of where, when, and with whom SCRF is killing your spark, your light, your life-force, your authentic self-expression, your vitality… And, to give you tools and guidance on how to free yourself, reclaim yourself so that you can be 



I’ll continue sharing with you blogs full of guidance and inspiration for your journey to the “something more” you know is possible for you.

You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back! 

Essentially, I’m like the modern-day Mr. Rogers doing what he did for children, but for adults – guiding you with practical, real-life skills to live your most authentically expressed, true-to-you life – no matter how “normal” or not normal you are!!!

A safer, happier world starts with you.

With love and hope for a safer, happier world within ourselves and amongst one another,

Monica Jayne 🦄

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Hi, I’m Monica Jayne

I’m the original Trailblazer of Unabashed Badassery™ shattering subscriptions to social norms and paving a pathway to conscious, authentic adulting and a brave new world or radical self-responsibility and radical self-expression.

Dare To Be Unabashedly You™ is my slogan and the undeniable outcome you achieve being in my influence. I have studied directly with vulnerability expert Brene Brown, mindset expert Dr. Joe Dispenza, relationship and polarity expert Alison Armstrong, sex expert Jaiya, gender and sexual orientation expert Terra Anderson. I’m a certified yoga teacher with over 5000 hours of experience, a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, a certified Accelerated Evolution™ Coach, certified in Queer Competency and Authentic Relating, and have certification in Sexological Bodywork forthcoming. 

I am the creator of Authentic Evolution™ and the founder of They Didn’t Teach Me That™ PLAYHOUSE, an all-inclusive community space for conscious, authentic adulting and play, where we learn all the life skills we were never taught and unlearn all the beliefs and behavior patterns that no longer serve us! I have guided and supported 1000s of adults across 6 continents and 45 countries to become their truest self. Thank you for allowing me to guide and support you too!

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